{ Pia Muehlenbeck inspired hair }

Okay, so it's no secret that I totally suck at doing my own hair. I am always trying to find some hair inspo and youtube tutorials that will teach me how to do my hair in just a few steps but still look put together. It seems that my typical hair styles include, headbands, curls with my straightener (because they are so quick to do) or just a messy bun. I recently came across the youtube channel and Instagram account of the most gorgeous Australian girl, Pia Muehlenbeck, who is major hair goals.  Her hair is short kind of similar length to mine, so I decided to watch and see how she styles her short cut and still has so much volume! Below I will show you some photos of my hair after trying out the curls and volume tips Pia suggested. I think my hair turned out pretty well considering I am totally not a hair person and usually end up with burns all over my body. Ouch! 

To achieve this look volume is super important as it will give your waves lots of texture and bounce. To get volume Pia's tip was to blow dry your hair upside down. I never really thought to do this before. Once I flipped my hair over I already noticed major volume. I used different products than she mentioned in her videos, but I still was able to create the same amount of volume. I used a hair thickening spray like this from Bed Head, along with a blow dry volume lotion here from Bed Head. I then used a round brush and sectioned my hair off layer by layer. I started from the bottom and created a "mushroom look" as Pia called it in her video. I worked the round brush in my hair all the way to the top. Then I started to curl my hair section by section with my curling wand. My wand is super old as I barely have ever used it before, it is actually from the brand Bed Head also, but I am sure there are better ones out there. The most important part is that you should alternate your curls in different directions so that they don't curl into each other, this will give you a more messy beachy look. Make sure that you curl the pieces in front of your face in the direction away from you. You do not want to curl them toward your face. To finish off dry shampoo is optional as it will create a more texturized, messy look and add even more volume. Now we are done! Not too bad huh? So basically if I could follow these steps and walk away with just one burn, I think anyone can do it! ;) Hope you enjoy this post. 

Below is the look I was inspired to recreate by Pia Muehlenbek. Let me know what you guys think and if you enjoyed this type of post! Ttyl <3