{ How To Just Relax }


exhale the bullshit


As much as I would love to stay productive after coming home from work, sometimes I know I just need to take a chill pill and just relax. Work can be super stressful and often times it can leading to giving me tension headaches, an imbalanced diet, and weight gain. Making sure I take care of myself mentally will also help with my appearance physically. It is really important to sometimes just stop and breathe for a minute. Life can be hectic sometimes and a lot of the times we feel like we need to rush through things, but we forget the importance of taking care of ourselves. Just remind yourself to take it one day at a time. 

I have to say, I love me some me time. I love taking bubble baths and drinking rosé listening to spa music, pretending the wave sounds are real life and not on YouTube. I love lots of bubbles in the bath tub because when you get out your skin feels silky smooth.  Philosophy has one of my favorite bubble bath gels that smells great and leaves you with baby soft skin.  I also love to light candles all over the house, it gives it a nice serene feeling. Usually I get my candles from Bath and Body Work or White Barn because they last long and make my home smell amazing. Sometimes after I get out of the bath, I like to make some tea. Chamomile tea is a great choice if your looking for something to relax and calm you down. This is also a great tea to drink the night before a big stressful event. It will help you sleep better and be more relaxed and ready for your day in the morning. Last thing I like to do before bed is put on an under eye mask. There is one from Amazon I personally really like and it is under $10. I will include a picture of it below if you want to check it out. I really like the green tea one because it helps reduce all the under eye puffiness and dark circles! Everything I mentioned is linked below to shop. Hope you guys enjoyed this post :) <3

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