{ Target Beauty Finds }

i like long,romantic strolls down every aisle at target... 

So, today I went to Target and of course ended up buying things I didn't even know I needed. Funny how Target works right?? You go in for one thing and walk out with cat toys, dog toys, baby clothes, and makeup... I don't even have a cat or a baby. 

Anyways, I was walking through the beauty aisle and found some cool face products I can't wait to give a try. As I have mentioned in a prior post, my skin is extremly oily, and I do also have some uneven skin tones. I picked up two face masks from a company called, Formula 10.0.6. The first one is called Pores Be Pure and it is a skin-clarifiying mud mask. Mud masks are my favorite because they absorb all the oil and make my skin more manageable. This one got my attention because obviously the packaging is super cute, and it says something about strawberries in it. Clearly, it was a must buy. The second mask I bought is from the same company, Formula 10.0.6. This one is a skin brightening, peel mask called, Get Your Glow On. It has papaya and citrus in it, which are essential ingredients for skin brightening. Peel off masks are awesome because they are mess free and so easy to remove. You just simply peel it off! I like a very low maintance routine, so peel off masks usually are my go to's. Since we're still on the topic of fask masks, I also found a sheet mask by a company called, SpaLife. They had many different options depending on your skin concerns. I chose the nectarine one because it is matifying which is what I need for my skin type. This one seems great because it is paraben + sulfate free. The best part is, this one was less than $3!

The next item I picked up is aloe vera. Aloe vera is great for many things, but one thing in particular is that it helps with hair growth. You could leave it in your hair as a mask, and then rinse it out, or you could also add it to your shampoo. Aloe Vera has many purposes, if you guys are interested maybe I'll write a blog post about that sometime!

Last item I picked up was a matte Maybelline lipstick in the shade nude embrace. These matte lipsticks are my favorite because they are creamy and don't dry out your lips. This shade looked beautiful in the store and I love it for everyday wear. Another awesome thing about this lipstick is that they are under $6 and come in so many different shades and textures. So, even if you dont like matte like me, they have so many other ones for you to chose from.

So this concludes my little beauty haul at Target today. I'm super excited to try out all my new skin care goodies. If you guys didn't know I am a total skin care junkie. If you guys ever have any reccomendations for me to try let me know, I love trying out new products! Alrighty, ttyl guys, I hope you enjoyed this post <3

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