Welcome to Sunsets & Bubbly! 

Hi, I'm Monika, a 26 year old who enjoys sharing a glimpse into her everyday life with strangers. I  was born and raised in wonderful Chicago, Illinois where I reside to this day. I  love to write about fashion, beauty, and family life. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for two years and recently became a mommy to our little son whom we named Roman Liam. When I  started blogging almost two years ago I thought of my blog as just a hobby, somewhere I could record milestones of my life and current beauty and fashion interests. Not long after I discovered how passionate I have become about blogging and sharing my life with you all. Through blogging I also discovered an interest in photography I never knew I had. Capturing everyday moments and sharing them with my friends and followers has become something I  greatly enjoy. I believe in being 100% honest with my readers and always staying true to myself which I hope you can appreciate.